Beyond the Confines of Traditional Behavioral Healthcare

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"At Tri-State, our membership and employees cover four states across the rural West. After hearing Nathaan's impactful keynote at Colorado Ad Day, I wanted to bring him into our company as a Keynote for our Communications and Member Services Conference. I was a blown away by how his presentation resinated with our members. I watched as one-after-one they came up after his talk to ask about resources, share their stories or show their gratitude. We are now looking into how we can empower our employees and members with the available tools Nathaan has recommended–helping to support mental health and our overarching Well Being initiative. Thank you!!!"


- Melissa Swinehart:

Marketing and Brand Communications Manager at Tri-State 


“Nathaan’s presentation helped me to realize tools on how to support myself and others in their mental health struggle. Through discussions about the presentation and Q&A at the end of the presentation, I was provided with some ways in which we can incorporate mental health resources into our campus life e.g., RA meetings, organizations etc.”


- Sophomore, CSBSJU


"I learned so much from Nathaan's session. I love that he was able to explain the why behind his work and how to make mental wellness more approachable for anyone." 

-Anonymous Survey, Aveda Arts & Sciences Keynote Presentation


"Mental health is an important topic in our industry and all industries that can never be overlooked. When we hosted Colorado Ad Day, we were delighted to hear Nathaan's presentation. He was captivating, insightful, and very informative. You can easily tell the success of a presentation when attendees follow up with him afterward seeking further knowledge. Nathaan is someone our club unquestionably endorses for his expertise and knowledge."

- Tonja Roth: Colorado Ad Club Executive Director


“I came into Nathaan’s talk not expecting anything but came out feeling empowered to access any sort of mental health resources and being able to address issues that any friend or peer could experience.”​


- Senior, CSBSJU