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"Nathaan is one of those rare people who both has a deep understanding of psychology AND how to build tech products. There is a subtlety to building mental health and wellbeing products as behavior change does not always follow an obvious and linear path and this is  where Nathaan shines. As advisor and later board member at LiveBetter Nathaan has been instrumental in helping us build our products which have now reached over 100,000 people globally. Nathaan helped us figure out not only how to maximize the wellbeing impact of our products by helping us ensure the clinical validity of our  product features, but also how to design better product interactions to make our apps better. To top it all off Nathaan is a wonderful human who is eternally positive, supportive,  and just fun to work with. I highly recommend Nathaan."

Mike Nolet

CEO and Founder of

With convergences of behavioral health and technology at every turn, ensuring experienced clinicians – who also understand product and technology development - are at the forefront of research and design process is essential.


Nathaan provides his years of experience in behavioral health and tech to organizations from start-ups to large corporations and systems of care. Whether the challenge is improving the mental well-being at a corporation, establishing a commercialization model for a new behavioral health product, or ideating a new digital intervention - Nathaan contributes his understanding of complex systems of behavioral health, tech, product development, research, and commercialization to support client’s business objectives, user goals, and most importantly clinical impact. The end result, sustainable interventions, improved user satisfaction, and health outcomes with lasting change.

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Karen XWang - Product Lead
As We Are

"When I first came to Nathaan I had only a dream idea and zero knowledge of where or how to start. It was his expertise that supported me went through the fundraising process, finding the right partnership, developing a strategy, and creating science-based and user-centered content. 6 months later, I’m getting close to releasing my first prototype.  Among all the funds I allocated to my project, the money I spent on consulting with him offered the highest return in value. Nathaan is truly my “crutches” and gatekeeper during my journey to turn an idea into a reality."

Kevyn Evra - Product Lead
Shadow's Edge

"We worked with Nathaan as a psychological advisor for the update of our narrative therapy based mental health game, Shadow’s Edge. He supported us to re-align the psychological process with the new storyline that we released in 2022. Nathaan’s input on the psychological model and into the re-design of the writing prompts came directly from his practice of working with teens. Nathaan provided practical and implementable advice, concrete examples, and brings a great mix of psychological knowledge, empathy for youth, and creativity to the table."

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