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Speaking Topics

Behavioral Health Innovation, Promoting Individual and Institutional Mental Health & Well-being on Campus, Mental Health in the WorkPlace, Mental Health Trends, Strategies to Battle Burnout, Loneliness: The Challenge & Solutions, Suicide Prevention, Transitioning Systems of Care

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Selected Past Presentations

Selected Past Presentations

Upstream Interventions: If you Build It, Don't Just Hope They Will Come

2023 NASPA Strategies Conference

Kansas City, MO

Douglas County Youth Congress

2023 Keynote Address 

Denver, Colorado

Reimagining Student Well-being: Leading Innovation at the System Level

2022 NASPA National Conference

Baltimore, MD

Addressing The Unique Mental Health Needs Of Minority Students

Innovative Educators Webinar

December 2021 - Virtual

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Minority College Students

Diverse Education Webcast

December 2021 - Virtual

Watch Recording Here

Supporting Individual and Institutional Mental Well-being on Campus

St. Johns & St. Benedict University Mental Health Awareness Keynote

October 2021 - Collegeville, MN

Watch Recording Here

Fostering Mental Well-being in the "New Normal" 

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc Annual Conference Keynote

October 2021 - Broomfield, CO

Working with and Supporting Mental Health in the Ad World

Ad Day Annual Event

August 2021 - Denver, CO

Watch Recording Here 

Mental Health Trends in Light of COVID-19

2021 Drug & Alcohol Testing Institute Annual Conference

June 2021 - Colorado Springs, CO

Scalably Bolstering Student Mental Health, Well-being & Success During a Pandemic

NASPA National Conference

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

A Digital Research-Backed Intervention to Curb Loneliness During COVID and Beyond

NASPA National Conference

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

One-size Does Not Fit All: A Scalable and Personalized Well-being Intervention

NASPA Community College Institute

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

Solving Loneliness through Research and Design 

NASPA Strategies

January 2021 - Virtual Conference

Solving Loneliness through Research and Design 

Depression on College Campuses

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

Scalable, Data-Driven Health Promotion: Outcomes of a Digital Well-being Platform

NASPA Strategies 

January 2020 - New Orleans, LO

Workplace Well-being: Early Engagement & Intervention

EAP Roundtable

September 2019 - St. Louis, MO Digital, Scalable Community-Based Suicide Prevention

VA/DoD National Suicide Prevention Conference

August 2019 - Nashville, TN 

Working Well: Innovative Strategies for Workplace Well-being

The Kennedy Forum Annual Conference

June 2019 - Chicago, IL

Watch Recording Here

Reduce Loneliness, Build Connection: Actionable Insights to Address Loneliness and the Associated Mental Health and Retention

University of Michigan Depression on College Campuses Conference

March 2019 - Ann Arbor, MI

The Loneliness Cycle: A Campus Challenge

Counsel of Independent Colleges (CIC): Presidents Institute

January 2019 - Scottsdale, AZ

Scalable and Personalized Interventions for Student Health

WCET 30th Annual Conference

October  2018 - Portland, OR

YOU at College: A Personalized Digital Intervention Designed to Promote Campus Well-Being, Inform Campus Health Policy & Prevent Suicide

University of Michigan Depression on College Campuses Conference

March 2018 – Ann Arbor, MI


Harnessing the Power of Digital to Build Resilience, Promote Wellbeing, and Prevent Suicide

NASPA National Conference

March 2017 – San Antonio, TX


Together-with-Veterans: Community-Based Rural Veteran Suicide Prevention Program

Improving Combat Veterans Care Conference

KeyNote Speaker

May 2016 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota


WICHE’s Rural Psychology Internship Initiative: Preparing a Diversity-Focused Mental Health Workforce to Serve Rural Areas

Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference

October 2015 - Gleneden Beach, Oregon

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