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Speaking Topics

Behavioral Health Innovation, Promoting Individual and Institutional Mental Health & Well-being on Campus, Mental Health in the WorkPlace, Mental Health Trends, Strategies to Battle Burnout, Loneliness: The Challenge & Solutions, Suicide Prevention, Transitioning Systems of Care

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Selected Past Presentations

Selected Past Presentations

Innovation & Stepped Care Models to Best Support Equity & Persistence within Community Colleges

League for Innovations in Community Colleges // Annual Innovations Conference

April 2024

Aneheim, CA

Supporting Student Mental Health at the System Level

2024 NASPA Annual

Seattle, CA

Every Oredigger Wellness Day

Colorado School of Mines Annual Wellness Day: Keynote Presentation

February 2024

Golden, CO

Increasing Behavioral Health Access: Implementing Stepped Care Models to Decrease Barriers, Use Resources Effectively, and Increase Persistence

EAB Connected 2024

Denver, CO

Creatively and Flexibly Increasing Mental Health Capacity on Campus // A Case Study at Boston University

2024 NASPA Strategies Conference

San Francisco, CA

Increasing Behavioral Health Access: Implementing Stepped Care Models to Decrease Barriers and Use Resources Effectively

Ohio Programs for Campus Safety & Mental Health

CE Webinar Series 2024


Upstream Interventions: If you Build It, Don't Just Hope They Will Come

2023 NASPA Strategies Conference

Kansas City, MO

Douglas County Youth Congress

2023 Keynote Address 

Denver, Colorado

Reimagining Student Well-being: Leading Innovation at the System Level

2022 NASPA National Conference

Baltimore, MD

Addressing The Unique Mental Health Needs Of Minority Students

Innovative Educators Webinar

December 2021 - Virtual

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Minority College Students

Diverse Education Webcast

December 2021 - Virtual

Watch Recording Here

Supporting Individual and Institutional Mental Well-being on Campus

St. Johns & St. Benedict University Mental Health Awareness Keynote

October 2021 - Collegeville, MN

Watch Recording Here

Fostering Mental Well-being in the "New Normal" 

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc Annual Conference Keynote

October 2021 - Broomfield, CO

Working with and Supporting Mental Health in the Ad World

Ad Day Annual Event

August 2021 - Denver, CO

Watch Recording Here 

Mental Health Trends in Light of COVID-19

2021 Drug & Alcohol Testing Institute Annual Conference

June 2021 - Colorado Springs, CO

Scalably Bolstering Student Mental Health, Well-being & Success During a Pandemic

NASPA National Conference

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

A Digital Research-Backed Intervention to Curb Loneliness During COVID and Beyond

NASPA National Conference

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

One-size Does Not Fit All: A Scalable and Personalized Well-being Intervention

NASPA Community College Institute

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

Solving Loneliness through Research and Design 

NASPA Strategies

January 2021 - Virtual Conference

Solving Loneliness through Research and Design 

Depression on College Campuses

March 2021 - Virtual Conference

Scalable, Data-Driven Health Promotion: Outcomes of a Digital Well-being Platform

NASPA Strategies 

January 2020 - New Orleans, LO

Workplace Well-being: Early Engagement & Intervention

EAP Roundtable

September 2019 - St. Louis, MO Digital, Scalable Community-Based Suicide Prevention

VA/DoD National Suicide Prevention Conference

August 2019 - Nashville, TN 

Working Well: Innovative Strategies for Workplace Well-being

The Kennedy Forum Annual Conference

June 2019 - Chicago, IL

Watch Recording Here

Reduce Loneliness, Build Connection: Actionable Insights to Address Loneliness and the Associated Mental Health and Retention

University of Michigan Depression on College Campuses Conference

March 2019 - Ann Arbor, MI

The Loneliness Cycle: A Campus Challenge

Counsel of Independent Colleges (CIC): Presidents Institute

January 2019 - Scottsdale, AZ

Scalable and Personalized Interventions for Student Health

WCET 30th Annual Conference

October  2018 - Portland, OR

YOU at College: A Personalized Digital Intervention Designed to Promote Campus Well-Being, Inform Campus Health Policy & Prevent Suicide

University of Michigan Depression on College Campuses Conference

March 2018 – Ann Arbor, MI


Harnessing the Power of Digital to Build Resilience, Promote Wellbeing, and Prevent Suicide

NASPA National Conference

March 2017 – San Antonio, TX


Together-with-Veterans: Community-Based Rural Veteran Suicide Prevention Program

Improving Combat Veterans Care Conference

KeyNote Speaker

May 2016 - Sioux Falls, South Dakota


WICHE’s Rural Psychology Internship Initiative: Preparing a Diversity-Focused Mental Health Workforce to Serve Rural Areas

Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference

October 2015 - Gleneden Beach, Oregon

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